How to activate and manage your Facebook Locations

Do you have a franchising system, multi-location business or something similar to this? Then understand why you must use Facebook Locations and activate them now!

Before we start, take a quick look at the benefits you get by activating your store.

Show your branches on a map

Make it easier for your customers to find you. Soon as you add your Locations, all of them will appear on the map inside your “Locations” section so your clients can get directions.

Facebook Location Map activated

Get isolated reviews for each store

This is a great feature because it helps you on your quality control. When you register your Locations, each branch will become a Facebook Location page. With this feature people will be able to give reviews (with comments and 1 to 5 stars grade) for each store, which may help you to measure positive and negative aspects that people are thinking about that specific branch so you can take action to improve or promote something based on the reviews.

review on a facebook location page

Promote local adverts

Let’s suppose you have two pizza restaurants in London, one at Chelsea and other at Westminster, you’re about to promote your Pepperoni pizza on your fanpage and you discover that you ran out of ingredients at the Westminster branch. One simple solution would be to run your promotion only for people nearby Chelsea’s branch. Well, if you liked this, you must activate your Facebook Locations  properly, otherwise you won’t be able to run specific promotions based on your Locals or around your branches.

facebook business store visit marketgin objective

And now let’s get started!

Activation request

It is hard to tell why (if there is a reason) the request for this tool is so hidden outside the regular Facebook Business Manager or fanpage settings panels. So, to make it easier, here is the link to the activation request for Facebook Locations.

All you have to do is fill your name, e-mail address and your number of stores and choose on which business page you want to activate the Locations. If you manage more than 1 page, you’ll have to go through this proccess for each page. You are allowed to do it filling the fields again with the same data and selecting a different page before you make a new request.

Wait some time and you’ll be notified by e-mail when you’re free to go on with the following steps.

Register your locations

After the activation, the “Locations” tab will always be available at the left menu inside the “Settings” panel of your business page. Go there and start to register your stores.

When you begin, Facebook will try to find another existing Locations which may be related to your business and check if you want to use them as locations. You can choose that option or create new locations by filling the store number, name and address.

Uploading multiple locations

You can also save some time uploading multiple locations. Just fill an Excel sheet with the necessary data (number, name and address) and upload it to the panel.

facebook locations business page manage

Now you have all your stores registered as Facebook Locations. You can also post your content to specific location pages, or associate them to your main business page, so it will be automatically updated with the same content. Manage your locations and enjoy the benefits!

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