How to create a Facebook Canvas ad

The Canvas Ad is simple to create and very immersive to the public. Through Canvas you can generate a different mobile experience to show your brand, product and story, filling the users screen with your content.

Follow the steps and learn how to do it!

facebook canvas ad gif

Reaching the Canvas set up

Before begining, you should know that there are 2 possible ways to create a Canvas ad. The first one is in the “Share a Photo or Video” button of your fanpage feed.

facebook canvas ad feed

The second one is available when you reach the creative options of your campaign, at the Facebook Adverts panel.

facebook canvas adverts manager

The difference between them is that, on the first one, you create the Canvas before you promote it. On the second one, you set the campaign first and then create the visual Canvas ad. Choose your favorite and click on the “Canvas builder” to start.

Creating your Canvas ad

Once inside the Canvas builder, select the “Open blank Canvas” option and the following box will be oppened.

facebook canvas ad options

Those are the options you have in order to fill your Canvas with:

  1. Call to Action button;
  2. A Facebook slide Carousel;
  3. An image;
  4. A block to fill with free text;
  5. A video;
  6. A store locator, based on your Facebook Locals;
  7. A simple header separator based on an image or color;
  8. The set of products from your Facebook Shop (learn how to create your Shop here).

Select one or more components and click OK to set them into your Canvas. After selecting the components of your Canvas you will be back into a changed Canvas builder screen.

On the new screen you will notice that the Canvas builder is changed into the settings of the components you’ve chosen. You can change the settings at the left block. Meanwhile you can always preview your Canvas on the right block. Here’s how it works:

canvas builder settings

  1. Name your Canvas;
  2. Change the visual settings of your ad;
  3. Click the “>” button of each component to expand its settings (such as text and color);
  4. At the “…” button you can delete a component;
  5. Use the point block to drag and drop your components to place them at your favorite order;
  6. Click to add a different component from the previous step of the Canvas builder;
  7. A preview of your Canvas and its settings. It will be automatically update when you change a setting.

Note: the Facebook Canvas is only available to campaigns placed to mobile devices. It’s not possible to create a Canvas for a regular post or an add placed on Desktops.

The Canvas ad has a lot of possibilities to explore and that’s why we better not go further on a specific tutorial. It would be best for you to understand how it works and try the perfect Canvas that is better suitable for your campaign. Try the resources and good luck with your ads!

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