How to link an Instagram account to your Facebook fanpage

Linking your Instagram account to your Facebook fanpage is very easy, taking only 4 quick steps to complete the task. But, before we start the tutorial, lets understand the benefits it brings to you and your business.

how to link instagram account to facebook fanpage

One post, two medias

With your accounts linked, your post will be automatically sent to your fanpage if you mark the “Facebook” button on the “SHARE” options, which is on the last screen when you’re posting with Instagram.

Note 1: just to be clear, you can also send your Instagram post to Facebook by just marking the “SHARE” option (without doing the following 4 steps), but you should know that a lot of users are reporting a connection problem which sends the post to their personal profile instead of the business page.

Note 2: sharing the same post may be not always be a good way, because each media has its own properties and public, but sometimes it is useful to save some time.

Manage your promotions

You will also be able to creat and manage your promotions at the same place, through the Facebook Adverts Manager. Just connect the accounts and you will notice Instagram as an option to place the ad and extract its performance data.

Manage your interactions

Thanks to a recent Facebook update, it’s also possible to see, manage and respond to comments, reactions and messages at the same place. Just link your accounts and notice the change on your “Inbox” Facebook page menu. You’ll see that the Instagram interactions will be there too.

Linking the accounts

Now that the benefits are clear, lets go to the operational part. Just follow these steps:

  1. On your fanpage, click the Settings option on the top bar.facebook instagram account settings
  2. With the Settings oppened, choose the Instagram (or Instagram Adverts) option on the left menu.instagram facebook account link
  3. The “Add an Account” button will appear at the center. Click there and follow the fourth step.facebook instagram account link
  4. A new box will appear. There you can insert your Instagram @username and password to finally connect the accounts.facebook instagram link accounts login

Piece of cake! Just follow the steps, enjoy the benefits of the linked accounts and be successful with your social profiles.

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