Pokémon Go: 3 steps to gather more clients with the game

Even losing part of the hype, it’s estimated that Pokémon Go still holds around 65 million active players per month, according to Business Insider. Such success has led Nintendo and Niantic (Pokémon’s creators and developers) to reach a few milestones for the app in 2017. The first of them was the annoucement of thousands of Japanese McDonalds and U.S. Starbucks stores paying to become official game locations. The second, was the first of a series of offline events happening in Chicago.

Now you should be asking yourself “well, I clearly don’t have money to pay for official places. What could I do?”. The answer is simple. It’s well known that the game is free to play and the (brutal) majority of places are common, like monuments, churches and parks. Specially on big cities, where the Pokéstops and Gyms are numerous and well spread, there’s a high chance of having businesses of all sizes inside the range of any Pokémon Go feature. That’s why you can use these hints on how to use the game to gather or retain more clients:

1. Know your target

This is the first and most important hint, because it’s not only related to Pokémon Go. Knowing your target is vital to your business! Meanwhile, Pokémon is a piece of popular culture nowadays, having a wide range of different generations of players, which leads us to different targets. Knowing them will help you to decide what to do (or not) if you’re whilling to promote something related to the game. Here are some interesting facts about the game:

  • Release date: July 6, 2016 (keep it in mind for celebrations and promotions);
  • Players between the ages of 18-34: 78%;
  • Average time spent on the game (daily): 26 minutes;
  • Number of sponsored locations: 35.000;
  • Number of visits to sponsored locations: 500 million.

Check out more of those numbers here (last update 03/31/2017).

2. Understand the game

Pokémon Go is based on a premise of social experience enhance, encouraging players to go out, team up, play together and – as most important for us here – visit places. So, even if you don’t like it, download the app, try the items, experience battles and search for the feeling that players have in order to understand what could be done to attract them to your business and how to reward them when it happens.

It’s also important to know that a little buzz returns to the scene every time some update is released. It may not bring back the inicial number of active players, but you can keep an eye on the conversations and promote your business looking forward to the upcoming features.

3. Don’t stand still

Having a Pokéstop or Gym (on) or near your business is good, but is not enought. You must use it to retain people. So promote little events, give away some items and offer rewards to keep your customers busy and consuming while interacting with other players.

pokemon go on bar play

Simple, isn’t it? Now if your business is in the range of any Pokémon Go location follow the steps, prepare your Marketing actions and catch more costumers.

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